'We bring the centuries-old jewellery making tradition back to your appreciation.

As being Authentic Jewellers as a goldsmith and diamond setter, we are the latest chain of jewellery makers who inherited a tradition from previous masters via master-apprentice relationship'

At 41a Brighton Square, in the heart of the Lanes Jewellery Quarter, Sapphire Goldsmiths workshop carries out a comprehensive range of in-house jewellery services including bespoke and handcrafted  jewellery design and craft services, re-modeling your unwanted jewellery, as well as ring sizing, polishing and rhodium plating and all jewellery repairs and alterations.  Wedding rings, both bespoke and standard patterns are offered at prices far below high street prices.

We pay cash for old gold, gold coins, and vintage jewellery in any condition.

 We are open everyday for your convenience,  

between 10am. to 5.30pm. 

  • Top quality hand crafted jewellery
  • Bespoke and Custom Designs
  • Remodeling your heirlooms
  • Post-sale jewellery mainteance
  • Best customer service
  • 14-days money-back guarantee

Sapphire Goldsmiths Workshop is a family run business specialising in bespoke design, jewellery repair & restoration. 

We are the first concept jewellery workshop in the Brighton Lanes area being run by Goldsmiths, with the service staff being highly skilled Jewellery designers. The founders of the company are also the most skillful diamond setters in the Lanes area. They have been a well-known jewellery makers for over 25 years. Mr. Kahraman, the founder, has been a master jewellery maker throughout Europe building jewelleryateliers's for many well known brands. He is one of the least masters who trained more than 30 masters. You are in his skillfull hands who doesn't comprise his quality standards, at all. His name is behind all the glamorous stones shining on your jewellery.


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