Diamond jewellery

A diamond is one of the hardest substances on earth, but treat your diamond jewellery gently as a hard blow can still be damaging.

Also be sure to remove your jewellery before working with household chemicals. 

A diamond ring can be damaged by everyday activities like gardening or washing up.

​Be sure to remove your ring and other diamond jewellery before any activities which could cause damage and store in a safe place. Regularly check that the prongs in your settings are securely holding the diamonds in place. 

A Sapphire Goldsmith a Guarantee Certificate accompanies all our diamond jewellery, and insurance providers can use this to insure your jewellery against lost and theft.


Pearl jewellery

The first rule of pearls is that they should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

Their lustre can be dulled by hairspray, lotions and perfumes.  Best practice is to wear them often and your body's natural oils will keep them lustrous.  Before putting them away, wipe your pearls with a soft cloth and store them separately to prevent them from being scratched.


Other precious stones

With gentle care your jewellery will last a lifetime. Remember to remove your jewellery before working with any household chemicals.

Regularly check that the prongs in your settings are securely holding the stones in place.

Not all precious stones can be cleaned the same way, with some, soap and even hot water can be damaging.

If you have any questions regarding the care of different precious stones, please get in touch.


Precious metals

Taking good care of your platinum, gold or sterling silver jewellery will ensure it lasts a lifetime.  Avoid exposure to chlorine and other household chemicals and be sure to remove all jewellery before house cleaning or gardening.  Storing your metal jewellery in a soft cloth pouch will help to avoid scratches.

Platinum develops characteristic patina over time.  Your platinum jewellery can be polished to restore its original beauty. 

Gold does not require a special polish so a soft jewellery cloth will remove dirt and restore its glorious shine.

White gold is usually plated with rhodium to enhance its whiteness.  Rhodium is a shiny white metal, which is extremely hard.  Over time rhodium plating may wear off, revealing the original metal colour.

If needed, re-plating is a simple process which will restore its colour. 

Sterling silver can tarnish, but it is removed by cleaning with a jewellery polishing cloth and is most easily removed when it first becomes visible. The best way to prevent tarnish is to wear your sterling silver jewellery often.


Cleaning & servicing your jewellery

We recommend having your jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected once every six months, or if it undergoes some form of trauma such as being dropped or hit against hard surface. 

These inspections help prevent the loss of precious stones when your jewellery has been inadvertently damaged.

At Sapphire Goldsmith, we are proud to provide cleaning and servicing of our products free of charge.

Please contact us at +44 1273 736 466 or to learn more.

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